Breeders Premium

STAGBI first introduced the concept of a "breeders premium" in 2006. The premium is offered on a geogrpahical base - the breeder of the horse with the most wins that was bred in each of the countries England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will each receive a premium.

The premium goes direct to the breeder and it does not matter where the horse has raced as long as it was in the UK and Ireland.

In addition Brightwells have offered a further premium for the breeder of the horse with the most wins which was sold via their Standardbred sale

Over the last 5 years STAGBI have paid more than 30,000 back to British and Irish breeders.

STAGBI hopes the breeders premium concept will continue to encourage breeders, and illustrates our interest in the breed while not interfering with racing.


Please click here for a list of winners in each year


  • The broodmare MUST have been or be registered with STAGBI and have held or hold a fully compliant passport
  • The breeder MUST be a current member of STAGBI to qualify
  • The premium will be paid to the breeder - the owner of the dam at time of foaling
  • Should there be a tie of wins then places will be taken into account
  • Premium available to broodmares that have conceived their progeny within the UK & Ireland, that progeny to achieved its racing results within the UK & Ireland
  • The season for calculating will be November to the following November in order to cover all racing within a given year