STAGBI aims to provide the best possible service to its members and to comply fully with the EU and Horse Passport Legislation.

However, if you are dissatisfied with an aspect of the service provided by STAGBI please discuss the matter with STAGBI staff or a Director of STAGBI (check homepage for list of directors)

If this is insufficient, you may submit your complaint in writing to STAGBI.

STAGBI will provide written acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint or appeal, by return.

A written confirmation will be provided within 15 days of how the complaint will be dealt with.

The President of STAGBI will appoint three members of the Board of Directors, unconnected in any way with the matter in hand, to hold an enquiry. Such enquiry will be held within 60 days of receipt of the complaint.

Following the enquiry, STAGBI will issue a written confirmation of the outcome, any procedures to appeal that outcome will be provided.