Embryo Transfer


Article 1 Rules of Eligibility Embryo or Ovum Transfer

The Board of Directors shall enact regulations prescribing a procedure of embryo or ovum transfer.

Foals resulting from embryo or ovum transfer shall only be eligible for registration under the following internationally agreed conditions:

(a) Only one foal resulting from an embryo/ovum transfer from a given donor mare, is eligible for registration in each year.

(b) If more than one foal results from a mare in a given year, only one foal shall be registered.

(c) The donor mare is at least two (2) years of age or older at the time of embryo or ovum transfer.

(d) All registration applications MUST be applied for by: The 31st of December of the year of birth

(e) The fact that a horse is a result of an embryo transfer shall be recorded in the registration records and the registration certificate / passport respecting to the horse.

Regulation 1

You must complete an application of Embryo Transfer return to STAGBI, who will then issue a Certificate of Embryo Transfer to be completed by the Veterinarian / Reproductive Technician or E.T Clinic

Application forms to undertake embryo or ovum transfer are available to download on this link.

A fee of 100.00 + 10 admin fees relating to each sire to be used must accompany this application.

Regulation 2

A foal which results from an embryo transfer may be registered provided that:

(a) Subsequent to the transfer of an embryo or ovum, a Certificate of Embryo or Ovum Transfer is completed by the attending veterinarian or technician and that the original be submitted to STAGBI and a copy to the owner and veterinarian or technician. The original is to be mailed to STAGBI within twenty eight (28) working days of the procedure. The fee of fifty pounds(50) must accompany the certificate of Embryo or Ovum Transfer.

(b) The stallion and donor mare are DNA typed or sampled prior to embryo/ovum transfer;

(c) STAGBI shall be notified within twenty eight (28) days of the birth of an Embryo Transfer foal.

(d) If the owner/s, or any subsequent owner/s of a donor mare sells the donor mare while there is an embryo gestating, the seller must notify the purchaser, at time of sale, of said embryo/ovum material having been harvested.