Stallions Whose Progeny is Eligible for Registration

All stallions registered with STAGBI are listed below.

The "type" is defined as:

  • A: Grade A Stallion per STAGBI Grading
  • B: Grade B Stallion per STAGBI Grading
  • C: Grade C Stallion per STAGBI Grading
  • Trot: Trotting Stallion
  • Dead: Stallion has been reported deceased (note stallions with frozen seamen available by AI will remain in graded list with ** next to them)
  • Exp IHRA: been exported from STAGBI to IHRA, therefore no longer come under the juristriction of STAGBI. However STAGBI will issue any matinng certificates for coverings before the stallion was exported. STAGBI will no longer have information pertaining to ownership/status etc.
  • In Ireland: Per latest information stallions are in Ireland but have not been exported to IHRA. The IHRA have stated that they will not accept STAGBI issues certificates for these stallions after 2016
  • Not Active: Not covered mares in the last 5 yrs
  • Retired: Retired stallion
  • Revoked: Revoked stallion
  • Contact: Current owner please contact STAGBI to update ownership details

If you have any updates to the lists below please contact us

All Registered Stallions

Type Stallion Gait Colour Contact Sire
A Armbro Deuce P Bay Susan Young (01432 890432) Western Ideal
A Arts Conquest P Bay Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) Artsplace
A Backnthesaddleapan P Brown D Bevan (01982 553298) Western Hanover
A Bear Dance P Brown B Howard (01524 418373) Presidential Ball
A Check On Jack P Brown George Harrison (01772 603105) Real Desire
A Coalford Laag P Grey G Maw (01915 171155) Laag
A Crown Manhattan P Brown Talavary Stud (01981 510231) Northern Luck
A Daylon Alert P Dark Bay H O Neil (01603 754166) Camluck
A Doonbeg P Bay Porterstown / G Thomas (07974 363545) Camluck
A Eagle Luck P Bay Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) Camluck
A Hasty Hall P Bay J Wright (01745 570761 ) Jennas Beach Boy
A His Alibi P Brown S Jones (07918 084956) Abercrombie
A Horselaughter P Brown A Swinbank (01325 332421) Die Laughing
A Immortalized P Bay A Fettah (02920 707420) Life Sign
A JWs Best P Bay Craig Nuttall (01325 369912) Walton Hanover
A Meursault Hanover P Bay Jack Reay (07900 300922) Real Desire
A Mypanmar P Chestnut Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) The Panderosa
A Mystic Howard P Bay John Howard (01524 401493) Camluck
A Nianimble P Bay J Price (01547 560014) Precious Bunny
A Pierce Seelster P Bay D Bevan (01982 553298) Camluck
A Pro Bono Best** P Bay Camden Stud / G Thomas (07974 363545) Cambest
A Rogue Hall P Bay G Maw/G Thomas (01915 171155) Cambest
A Scarlet And Gold P Bay J Benn (01253 799011) Bomb Rickles
A Share The Delight P Bay B Davies (01874 636455) Bettors Delight
A Soulofthematter P Bay W Greenhorn (01324 813970) Matts Scooter
A Stonebridge Galaxy P Bay Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) Apaches Fame
A Stoneriggs J R P Bay H E Hardwick (01597 840257) Rajah Lobell
A The Cammissioner P Brown C Jones (07815 531372) Camluck
A The Firepan P Bay J Nicholson (01388 832529) Artsplace
A The Joker P Bay P Gray (01895 231088) Rajah Lobell
A The One-Night Pan** P Bay J & G Wright (01745 570761 ) Western Hanover
A The Preacher Pan P Brown Chris Nicol (07977 078745) The Panderosa
A Village Connection P Bay N Millard (01384 291993) Cam Fella
A Village Marquis P Bay R Howard (Snr) (07979 433918) Life Sign
A Yankee Landa P Bay Roy Sheedy (01633 400165) Artsplace
A Yankee Lariat P Bay Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) Western Hanover
A Zest For Life P Dark Brown D Bevan (01982 553298) Life Sign
B Art Professor P Bay Camden Stud / S Thompson (07792 136189) Art Major
B Call The Chauffeur P Bay Alan Blackwell (01407 720686) Call For Rain
B Devils Best P Brown J Price (01547 560014) Cambest
B Drawback P Bay J Coulson (07568 550787) Artsplace
B Dun Laoghaire P Bay R Wilson (07594 965664) Badlands Hanover
B Eagle Real One P Black S Nicholson (01388 832529) Dragon Again
B Genghis Pan P Bay W Jones (01874 686297) Artsplace
B Home Dragon P Dark Bay I Davies (01974 298361) Dragons Lair
B Ideal Gift P Dark Bay Kenneth Vaughan (01686 412640) Western Ideal
B Jet Fighter P Bay B Howard (01524 418373) Jet Laag
B Lexies Rocky P Skewbald Mr T Johnson (07922 822647 ) Rorschach
B Littlemill Rogue P Light Bay W Henderson (0131 6632748) Rogue Hall
B Lyons Danny P Brown Lyons Stud (01745 887258) Astreos
B Mahogany Import P Brown Mahogany Stables (01974 298089) Presidential Ball
B Matt Hershey P Brown K Vaughan (01686 412640) Life Sign
B Net Pool Pricing P Bay M Eastwood (01422 379423) Real Desire
B Rewrite History P Bay Steven Gilvear (01786 813039) Sportswriter
B Rhyds Desire P Bay Gareth Thomas (07977 059641) Hasty Hall
B See and Ski P Bay John Wright (01745 570761 ) Somebeachsomewhere
B Splurge Hanover P Bay IE Bristow (01981 510231) Kentucky Spur
B Star On The Beach P Brown B Davies (01874 636455) Astreos
B Urban Guy P Bay John Howard (01524 401493) Artiscape
B Western Jackpot P Bay L Edwards/Greentree Stud (07850 508267) Western Ideal
B Windsong Dynamite P Brown A Hay (01501 734357) Camluck
C Action Jackson P Skewbald H Smith (07403 101523) Hiltons Sam Boy
C Allamerican Silver P Bay John Perfect (07938 480514) Astreos
C Apache Limerick P Skewbald Jimmy Allen (07747 373013) Apache Commander
C Apache Peru P Skewbald M Pilkington (07951 020629 ) Apache Shack
C Apache Shack P Brown White Michael Pikington (07951 020629) Rorschach
C Archiepenko P Skewbald James Smith (01892 724535) Rorschach
C Best Of Two P Skewbald Sam Sheady (01978 824651) Lithograph
C Big Bucks P Skewbald J Mitchell (01252 781229) Out of Nowhere
C Big Chief Howard P Piebald Robert Howard (Snr) Howards Colourmein
C Blueboy P Skewbald David Standley (07440 420562) Rorschach
C Bogie Man P Dark Bay A Jewitt (0191 3734528) Raque Bogart
C Bonnie Prince P Skewbald J Harvey (07969 259319) Magical Prince
C Buffalo Soldier P Skewbald J Brazil (07831 613914 ) Casino Cowboy
C Busking Boy P Coloured Jody Foody (01388 835682) Wensum Majestic
C Busking Lad P Skewbald Jody Foody (01388 835682) Beartracker
C Callitwotuwant P Skewbald L Goddard (02380 457084) Passadda
C Colour Me Quick P Piebald B Tyres (07833 314384) Howards Colourmein
C Comanche Star P Skewbald A Beaney (01435 810220) Rorschach
C Comanche White Star P Skewbald N Hilden (07961 955770) Comanches Boy
C Comanches Boy P Piebald Billy Reading (07988 389705) Comanche Star
C Comanches Spirit P Piebald Steven Manning (01603 881666) Comanche Star
C Copa Cabana P Skewbald Michael O'Connor (07747 373013) Rorschach
C Danny Penko P Skewbald S Poole (01902 682985) Piebald Jack
C Dans Dancer P Piebald C Canning (07753 612023) Cams Security
C Druids Fire Fly P Skewbald D Turnbull (07825 560920) White Fire
C Eddy T P Grey/Skewbald F Watson (01302 842665) Ozzie
C Essex Boy P Skewbald J Foody (01388 835682) Roys Boy
C Extra Strength P Bay Paul Brightwell (01603 754166) Muscles Yankee
C Frankel P Skewbald N Hilden (07961 955770) Blueboy
C Gassy T P Skewbald G Dowse (01274 830202) Ozzie
C Golden Fire P Skewbald G Isaacs (07554 184479) White Fire
C Gonastray P Bay P Lancaster (07799 333124) Astreos
C Henrys Ace P Skewbald S Mather (07724 564713) Rorschach
C Hilltop Atilla P Brown White G Crawt Rorschach
C Hilltop Charlie P Cremello Leonard Powell Lucky Furniture
C Hiltons Friend P Skewbald Roger Hilton (01322 668590) Hiltons Got Talant
C Hiltons Got Talant P Piebald Roger Hilton (01322 668590) Horselaughter
C Hiltons Levi P Skewbald Roger Hilton (01322 668590) Hiltons Sam Boy
C Hiltons Man P Skewbald A Macdonald (07801 308006) Todays Man
C Hiltons Sam Boy P Piebald W Arnold (01622 813294) Stoneriggs J R
C Hobbys Yankee P Bay L Roberts (07973 417486) Red River Hanover
C Howards Pride P Skewbald J Howard (01524 401493) Rorschach
C Jaks Lad P Skewbald J Foody (01388 835682) Busking Lad
C JK Believeinmagic P Bay S Gilvear (01786 813039) Rocknroll Hanover
C Katanya Denver P Skewbald A Wallace (07748 872582) Chinook
C Keltic Blue Eyes P Skewbald L Roberts (07973 417486) Whowho Gives A Toss
C Keltic DM Danger P Skewbald J Gavin (07710 283826 ) D M Dilinger
C Keltic Knight P Piebald P Brightwell (01603 754166) Cams Security
C Keltic Lover P Skewbald A Macdonald (07801 308006) Whowho Gives A Toss
C Keltic Rambo P Piebald K J Harrington (07808 890230) Keltic Boss
C Kingoftheswingers P Skewbald T Teasdale (07502 937330) Rorschach
C Kings Harmony P Skewbald B Tyres (07833 314384) Speed King
C KRs Double Trouble P Tri Colour P Matthews (07938 827240) Double Cool
C Lex Rock The Clock P Skewbald Mr James (07717 365801) Lexies Rocky
C Lexies Blueyed Boy P Blue & White L W Chapman (07077 928156 ) Lexies Rocky
C Lexies Danny P Pibald K Lowe (07938 480514) Lexies Rocky
C Lexies Lyon P Skewbald B Clark (07920 157669) Lexies Rocky
C Lexies Lyonking P Piebald Martin Scotland (07973 770062 ) Lexies Rocky
C Lexies Rocket P Skewbald M Baddams (02381 785641) Lexies Rocky
C Lexiesracingstripe P Skewbald T Johnson (07922 822647 ) Lexies Rocky
C Lifes A Beach P Bay Raymond Collard (01597 851408) Jennas Beach Boy
C Lucky Touch P Bay R Walker (07702 117742 ) Northern Luck
C Madonnas Jackpot P Skewbald F Watson (01302 842665) The One-Night Pan
C Magical Me P Bay S Greedy (02920 361358) Life Sign
C Magical Prince P Skewbald Lee Anthony Mott (01388 710800) Rorschach
C Major League Star P Bay A Taylor (07977 119818 ) Art Major
C Malachi Schach P Skewbald L Peaker (01912 434066) Rorschach
C Massoud P Skewbald C Nuttall (01325 369912) JWs Best
C Military Tattoo P Pibald D Reed (07836 506070 ) Medicine Dance
C My Eli Blue Chip P Bay S Gilvear (01786 813039) Sportswriter
C My Ice P Piebald F Cash (07810 400030 ) Make A Deal
C Newmoors Jacky Dan P Skewbald Peter Davison (07973 418078) Dillingers Dream
C Night Schach Lad P Piebald D Millard (01384 291993) Rorschach
C Noisey Boy P Skewbald Ambrose Dear (01302 876492.) Wensum Majestic
C Old Bloke P Skewbald Ambrose Dear (01302 876492.) Rorschach
C Ousterley Patch P Skewbald S Sheady (01978 824651) Rorschach
C Out Of Charles P Skewbald H Greedy (02920 317272) Out of Nowhere
C Out of Jimmy P Piebald Joseph Taylor (01422 202375) Out of Nowhere
C Out of The Blues P Skewbald Ben Price (07802 357808) Out of Nowhere
C Ozzie P Skewbald Frank Watson (01302 842665) Rorschach
C Painted Desire P Skewbald Christopher Martin Painted Picture
C Painted Picture P Piebald J Foody (01388 835682) Painted Tiger
C Painted Sunshine P Skewbald R Richards (01209 862852) Painted Tiger
C Painted Tiger P Skewbald Ambrose Dear (01302 876492.) Die Laughing
C Painted Yankee P Skewbald J Foody (01388 835682) Painted Tiger
C Pantihistamine P Bay G Allan (07803 951244) The Panderosa
C Passadda P Tri Colour J W Harrop (07403 101523) Rorschach
C Peterstone Ghost P Skewbald Hannah Greedy (02920 363305) Keltic Rambo
C Peterstone Jackpot P Skewbald H Greedy (02920 317272) Painted Tiger
C Piebald Boy P Piebald F Watson (01302 842665) Ozzie
C Piebald Jack P Piebald M Smith (07876 197966) Rorschach
C Prince Nazeem P Skewbald F Watson (01302 842665) Magical Prince
C Propermanme P Skewbald Mr Glass (01740 650832) Lexies Rocky
C Rasta P Skewbald B Richards (01432 840777) Davey Forsa A
C Red Ross P Skewbald Alan Muirheard (01786 834646) Rorschach
C Rhyds Yankee P Bay John Howard (01524 401493) Ponder
C River Inny P Bay J Foy Artiscape
C Road Warrior P Skewbald Mr J Hager (07515 542468) Out of Nowhere
C Rockefeller Mentor P Bay A Swinbank (01325 332421) Rocknroll Hanover
C Rockstar P Tri Bald Jon Harvey (07969 259319) Lexies Rocky
C Roys Boy P Skewbald P Smith (07949 560461) Rorschach
C Sam Boys Dynamo P Skewbald W Arnold (01622 813294) Hiltons Sam Boy
C See The Stars P Skewbald Jon Harvey (07969 259319 ) Rockstar
C Shelwick Flash Man P Skewbald Teresa Denieffe (01269 492123) Stoneriggs J R
C Shifty P Black Alison Davies (01672 520026) Stoneriggs J R
C Shocking Speed P Brown White J Cross (08768 96101 ) Rorschach
C Smiths Delight P Skewbald Mr Foody (01388 835682) Apache Shack
C Snow Prince P Skewbald N Reynolds (07867 360279 ) Magical Prince
C Somecoltsomewhere P Skewbald David Reed (07836 506070 ) Lexies Rocky
C Splash Southerner P Blagdon S Dighton (07836 506070 ) Prestige Nora
C Squirter Splash P Skewbald S Harbour (01268 724889) Squirter
C Standleys Custom P Skewbald Jason Longmore (07970 640578) Blueboy
C T J B P Skewbald J Mitchell (01252 781229) Lexies Rocky
C T J Warrior P Skewbald R G Pinder Surfer Hanover
C Terra Firma P Skewbald Felix Cash (07810 400030 ) Lithograph
C The Lamp Lighter P Skewbald J Hager (07515 542468) Whowho Gives A Toss
C Tinchy Strider P Skewbald P Brightwell (01603 754166) Double Cool
C Tothebeachandback P Bay John Howard (01524 401493) Somebeachsomewhere
C Tyrion Hanover P Bay John Howard (01524 401493) Somebeachsomewhere
C Wensum Giton Joe P Skewbald Paul Brightwell (01603 754166) Plutonium
C Wensum Majestic P Piebald W Wilson (01233 850169) Rockafellow
C Wensum Return P Skewbald J Smith (7876333191) Wensum Majestic
C White Fury P Piebald B Smith (07584 327334 ) Keltic Boss
C Wilbro Douglas P Bay David Lloyd Evans (01974 298339) Belmondo
C Wizard Of Oz P Skewbald J Foody (01388 835682) Ozzie
C Worth Waiting For P Skewbald H Greedy (02920 317272) Out of Nowhere
C Young Cam P Skewbald John W Harrop (07403 101523) Blueboy
C Zorros Mask P Skewbald J Swinbank (01325 332421) Whowho Gives A Toss
Trot Brickell Express T Grey C Rudge (07842 160180) Surrogate
Trot Com Fear T P Brightwell (01603 754166) Pythagoras
Trot Mollys Lad T Skewbald P Murtagh (07548 345459) Cavern Club
Trot Natural Arrogance T Brown Alan Sankey (07834 028251) Royal Troubador
Trot Out of Nowhere T Skewbald S Sheady (01978 824651) Million To One USA
Trot Wildcat Hollow T Bay J Perfect (01673 828535) Broadway Hall
Dead Aahm The Coolest P Bay Beach Towel
Dead Armbro Harrier P Dark Bay Tyler B
Dead Artisplate P Bay Artiscape
Dead Atas Crook T Bay Ata Star L
Dead Au Vert T Bay Hetre Vert
Dead Balance Spring T Bay Balanced Image
Dead Barnett Hanover P Bay Western Hanover
Dead Belmondo P Black Brown Big Towner
Dead Benson Lee P Bay Prince Lee Dancer
Dead Blazing Boss P Piebald Whowho Gives A Toss
Dead Border Patrol P Bay Solitude
Dead Brets Contender P Brown Brets Champ
Dead Brets Night-N-Gale P Bay French Chef
Dead Brywins Thats Life P Bay Gothic Dream
Dead Burst of Energy P Bay No Nukes
Dead Camden Cowboy P Brown Western Hanover
Dead Camp Conway P Bay Tyler B
Dead Carpe Diem T Bay Workaholic
Dead Castle Rajah P Bay Rajah Lobell
Dead Charmagres Gold P Chestnut Kerry Gold
Dead Cherokee Chief P Skewbald Chief Cherokee
Dead Circle L Kid P Dark Bay Cambest
Dead Clee Hill Prince P Bay Sherman Almahurst
Dead Cool Teddy P Bay Teddy Butler
Dead CR King Karpas T Brown Super Pleasure
Dead Crabby Yankee P Bay Colt Fortysix
Dead Crouch P Bay Abercrombie
Dead D M Dilinger P Bay Camluck
Dead Dallas Hall P Bay Cambest
Dead Destiny Son P Bay Saunders Destiny
Dead Dillingers Dream P Grey D M Dilinger
Dead Disraeli Hanover P Dark Bay Cam Fella
Dead Dreamfair Vogel P Bay Village Jiffy
Dead Driven By Design P Bay Coal Harbor
Dead Dukeofstarzzz P Bay Four Starzzz Shark
Dead Emerald P J T Bay Ukir De Jemma
Dead Enorm T Dark Bay Zoot Suit
Dead Eye On America P Bay Abercrombie
Dead Flash Of Light T Dark Bay Surrogate
Dead Fleet I Am P Brown Fleet Decision
Dead Flying Spirit P Bay Kentucky Lobell
Dead Freddie Star P Bay Sunstar
Dead Frosty Flyer P Bay Robin Red
Dead Galiano P Brown Astreos
Dead Giant Force T Brown Meadow Road
Dead Glebeland Ted P Bay Teddy Butler
Dead Gothic Dream P Bay Jate Lobell
Dead Grand Lad P Skewbald Grand Prix
Dead Grand Prix P Brown Niatross
Dead Guvo De Bloomerd T Brown Lolas Express
Dead Habitat P Dark Bay Fleet Decision
Dead Harden P Bay Precious Bunny
Dead Harmony P P Dark Bay Camtastic
Dead Harrys Delight II P Piebald Silky Stallone
Dead Hefner Hanover T Dark Bay Prakas
Dead Hilltop W R P Dark Bay Golden Greek
Dead Hiltons Cob P Skewbald Millards Gold
Dead Hobbys Full Deck P Skewbald Old Bloke
Dead House of Cards P Bay Dragons Lair
Dead Howards Colourmein P Skewbald Rorschach
Dead Huyler P Bay Nihilator
Dead I Am The Best T Bay Buvetier Daunou
Dead Ideal Key T Dark Bay Ideal Du Gazeau
Dead Indian Sniper P Red & White Indian
Dead Kasuku T Bay Crystas Star
Dead Kerry Gold P Chestnut Laetare
Dead Keystone Lance T Bay Defiant Yankee
Dead King Cam P Dark Brown Cam Fella
Dead Lauries Son P Chestnut Cover Up
Dead Leckwith Gipsy P Bay Keystone Baron
Dead Leckwith Pride P Bay Taurus Hanover
Dead Lijans Way P Piebald Rorschach
Dead Lord Ixa T Bay Lord Valentine
Dead Low Rider P Bay Cams Card Shark
Dead Lucky Furniture T Bay Incredible Crafts
Dead Macatross P Black Albatross
Dead Magic Happens P Dark Bay Direct Scooter
Dead Man About Town P Brown Big Towner
Dead Mattgenta P Bay Matts Scooter
Dead Mattwalk P Bay Matts Scooter
Dead Medicine Hat T Grey Gusto B
Dead Military Lobell P Bay Slapstick
Dead Mystic Memory T Bay Defrocked
Dead Mystical Shark P Bay Cams Card Shark
Dead Napoli Eagle T Bay Napoletano
Dead Nito P Grey Laag
Dead No More Mr Niceguy P Bay Niatross
Dead Oberon P Bay Keystone Baron
Dead Otello Pierji T Bay Buvetier Daunou
Dead Outlaw P Bay Teddy Butler
Dead Perfect Dream P Bay Kentucky Lobell
Dead Pilgrims Patriot P Bay Niatross
Dead Playwithafulldeck P Bay Cams Card Shark
Dead Plutonium T Bay Minnesota Viking
Dead Prince Lee Dancer P Bay Cam Fella
Dead R Mack Attack T Bay Baltic Speed
Dead Raging Bull T Piebald Flash Of Light HOL
Dead Rainmaker P Bay Nihilator
Dead Raque Bogart P Brown Falcon Almahurst USA
Dead Rock Comedy P Bay Squirter
Dead Ronalds Gold P Bay Kerry Gold
Dead Rorschach P Skewbald Preux Chevalier
Dead Royal Doughboy T Bay Royal Prestige
Dead Rustle Of Spring P Brown Good Time
Dead San San Almahurst P Bay Meadow Skipper
Dead Saunders Intercity P Bay Keystone Baron
Dead Saunders Western P Bay Western Hanover
Dead Self Evident T Bay Speedy Crown
Dead Seventh Heaven P Black Ticket To Heaven
Dead Sherman Almahurst P Bay Royce
Dead Skate On Max P Bay Raceover
Dead Skipper Green P Bay Skippers Subject
Dead Southlands Albatross P Bay Rajah Lobell
Dead Speed Of Light P Bay Albatross
Dead Squirter P Bay Keystone Ore
Dead Super Joie T Dark Brown Gridiron Lad
Dead Surrogate T Bay Surge Hanover
Dead Symlog Prince P Bay Disraeli Hanover
Dead Taurus Hanover P Brown Albatross
Dead Teilo Supreme P Dun Whippet Postille
Dead The Baron Del Sol P Bay Kentucky Lobell
Dead The Blue Finch P Roan Young Commander
Dead The Crusader P Bay Creativity
Dead The Duke II P Chestnut Fame
Dead Todays Man P Bay Abercrombie
Dead Tommy M Lobell P Bay Rajah Lobell
Dead Wensum Flash Harry P Skewbald Wensum Giton Joe
Dead Wheatley Skipper P Bay Rough Seas
Dead White Heat P Grey Artsplace
Dead Willie Mccarthy P Bay Sly Heel
Dead Young Fury P Dark Bay Dream Work
Exp IHRA Ayr Glory P Bay Matts Scooter
Exp IHRA Big Noise P Piebald Indian
Exp IHRA Cams Security P Bay Cam Fella
Exp IHRA Cheeky Chaps P Bay White Cloud Laag
Exp IHRA Chief Of Colours P Skewbald Keltic Boss
Exp IHRA Cinderella Man P Skewbald Whowho Gives A Toss
Exp IHRA Cloud Laag P Grey Laag
Exp IHRA Clouds Diamond P Skewbald Cloud Laag
Exp IHRA Colour Me Irish P Piebald Courage Under Fire
Exp IHRA Colt Fourtyfive P Skewbald Indian
Exp IHRA Conners Dragon P Bay Dragon Again
Exp IHRA Cool Dragon P Brown Dallas Hall
Exp IHRA Dangerous Shock P Skewbald Rorschach
Exp IHRA Earned Income P Brown Dream Away USA
Exp IHRA Forafewdollarsmore P Bay The Panderosa
Exp IHRA Foreclosure (NZ) P Dark Bay Rocknroll Hanover
Exp IHRA Griffeens Haka P Piebald Medicine Dance
Exp IHRA Hangover P Bay & White Keltic Boss
Exp IHRA Hes For Real P Bay Life Sign
Exp IHRA Indian T Piebald Whowho Gives A Toss
Exp IHRA Judge Cam P Brown Camluck
Exp IHRA Kauto Star P Skewbald Comanche Star
Exp IHRA Keltic Warrior P Skewbald Whowho Gives A Toss
Exp IHRA Kikikolt P Bay Western Hanover
Exp IHRA Lyons Joseph P Bay Abercrombie
Exp IHRA Lyons Stephen P Bay Hasty Hall
Exp IHRA Mr Dunmanus T Dark Bay Au Vert
Exp IHRA Painted Oasis P Skewbald Painted Tiger
Exp IHRA Panlubber P Black The Panderosa
Exp IHRA Porter Rich T Dark Bay Super Arnie
Exp IHRA Red Bulls Best P Skewbald JWs Best
Exp IHRA Rock On Boss T Piebald Whowho Gives A Toss
Exp IHRA Sable Matters P Brown Matts Scooter
Exp IHRA Snow Patrol P Skewbald Magical Prince
Exp IHRA Storm P Piebald Rorschach
Exp IHRA Strawberry Picker P Piebald Comanche Star
Exp IHRA Wearvalley Just Is P Skewbald Ousterley Surprise
Exp IHRA White Fire P Skewbald Mystical Shark
Exp IHRA White Flame P Skewbald White Fire
Exp IHRA White Lighting P Skewbald Mystical Shark
Exp IHRA Whowho Gives A Toss P Skewbald Wilkies Wonder
In Ireland After Shock II P Skewbald P McDonagh (08515 90579) Rorschach
In Ireland Ants Inhis Pants P Skewbald C Morrison (08520 56086) McArdle
In Ireland Apache Negra T Piebald E Hanson (02870 340925) Brilliante Negra
In Ireland Asks Me Daddy P Coloured K Grogan (08513 52392) Out of Nowhere
In Ireland Best Sunshine P Bay Springhill Stud (028 33710) Cambest
In Ireland Boss Diamond P Brown/White Paul McCarthy (08735 62252) Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Casino Cowboy P Skewbald J Watson (07798 700941) Rorschach
In Ireland Colour Precision P Skewbald E Kinsella (08510 86210) Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Comanche King P Piebald M Shields (02830 860837) Comanche Star
In Ireland Dream Work P Bay K Grogan (08513 52392) Artsplace
In Ireland Fantastic Western P Brown M Hoolahan Western Hanover
In Ireland Fast N Furious P Skewbald J O Donoghue (0892218039) Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Fleet Admiral P Bay P Swailes (0429 375129) Fleet Decision
In Ireland Great White Hope P Skewbald J McDonagh Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Hilltops Hog P Bay D Mooney Rorschach
In Ireland Hobbys Boomerang P Skewbald D McCracken Medicine Dance
In Ireland Hollywood Shuffle P Bay M Gallagher (08763 41505) House of Cards
In Ireland Jackaroo P Skewbald E Mcdonagh (08762 49495) Ozzie
In Ireland Jimmy Long P Bay Mark Gill (02890 448334) Artsplace
In Ireland Just For Fun P Bay Brian O Riordan (02890 248643) Hilltops Hog
In Ireland Keltic Boss P Skewbald E McDonagh Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Keltic Bull T Piebald E Doherty Raging Bull
In Ireland Keltic Robinhood P Skewbald M Walsh (08577 02802 ) Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Lithograph Boy P Piebald T McDonagh Lithograph
In Ireland Newmoorssaddleapan P Skewbald M Hutchinson (08639 74541) Backnthesaddleapan
In Ireland NT Wild Boy P Red And White D McCracken Mystical Shark
In Ireland Play On Ice P Skewbald E McCarthy Playwithafulldeck
In Ireland Rallyson Bo Bo T Black D O Sullivan Allison Hollow
In Ireland RB Greyking T Grey S Donaghy (07720 901255) CR King Karpas
In Ireland Royal Boy P Skewbald C McDonagh Rorschach
In Ireland Scatman P Skewbald S Sherman Cheeky Chaps
In Ireland Somecolorsomewhere P Skewbald P McMullen (07517 527556) Great White Hope
In Ireland Styx Heartbreaker P Bay W Kelly No More Mr Niceguy
In Ireland Swingman P Brown I Swindle (07516 044574 ) Northern Luck
In Ireland Technicolor P Skewbald J F Greene (08524 04347) Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland The Bellstone Fox T Skewbald P Manning (08517 98701) Mollys Lad
In Ireland The Pana Fire P Skewbald J Cross (08768 96101 ) White Fire
In Ireland Timon Del Sol P Bay F Brickley Kentucky Lobell
In Ireland Tommy Lee P Skewbald P McDonagh Rorschach
In Ireland Tosses Pride P Skewbald T McDonagh Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Toys Art Us P Bay Kevin Santry Artiscape
In Ireland Western Again P Bay P McMullen (07517 527556) Dragon Again
In Ireland White Prince P Skewbald Troy Jordan Whowho Gives A Toss
In Ireland Wolfdancer Mindale P Bay P McDonagh Western Hanover
Not Active Alexei Alexei P Bay Big Towner
Not Active All Star Hanna P Bay Direct Scooter
Not Active Amec Rigger P Brown Track Robbery
Not Active Bar Exam T Bay Self Possessed
Not Active Bear Trap P Skewbald Beartracker
Not Active Beartracker P Skewbald Damien Chief
Not Active Blackwell Peter P Light Bay Turo Hanover
Not Active Blatantly Bald P Bay Abercrombie
Not Active Brilliante Negra T Brown Royal Prestige
Not Active Can U Hear Me P Bay Cams Card Shark
Not Active Catchmeifyoucam P Bay Sure Cam
Not Active Cavern Club T Dark Bay Smokin Yankee
Not Active Chalkyes Decision P Brown Disraeli Hanover
Not Active Chaps P Brown Cambest
Not Active Chief Cherokee T Skewbald Damien Chief
Not Active Churchill King P Bay Die Laughing
Not Active Claustrophobia P Brown Tyler B
Not Active Coalford Art P Bay Artsplace
Not Active Coalford Matt P Bay Matts Scooter
Not Active Coloured In P Bay & White Whowho Gives A Toss
Not Active Creativity P Bay Albatross
Not Active Crown Storm T Black Rapido
Not Active Darkies Lad T Black Avon Patrol
Not Active Darley Iron T Dark Brown Tibur
Not Active Deadly Fella P Skewbald Tinchy Strider
Not Active Direct Current P Bay Direct Scooter
Not Active Double Cool P Skewbald Millards Gold
Not Active Downtown Joe P Skewbald Hiltons Man
Not Active Ecureuil D Eman T Bay Tadzio De La Motte
Not Active Emerald Clancy P Skewbald Millards Gold
Not Active Galvey T Grey Victorious Speed
Not Active Game Of Skill T Bay Yankee Glide
Not Active Gentlemens Quarter P Bay Artsplace
Not Active Gold Glover P Bay Abercrombie
Not Active Golden Greek P Bay Kerry Gold
Not Active Golden Miller III P Skewbald Millards Gold
Not Active Handsome Sum P Bay Niatross
Not Active Happy Avon T Bay Pyreus Berkenhof
Not Active Harbours Art T Bay Southwest Art
Not Active Hawthornssurething P Bay Sure Cam
Not Active Heavens Son T Grey Heaven
Not Active Highbrooks Wager P Dark Bay Huyler
Not Active Hogans Heroes P Bay Big Towner
Not Active Hopping High P Bay Precious Bunny
Not Active Howards Way P Bay Kerry Gold
Not Active John Musgrave P Skewbald Rorschach
Not Active Jubii Rex T Bay Frisky Frazer
Not Active Juve Lane T Liver Chestnut Lindy Lane
Not Active Keystone Bowl T Bay Yankee Pinstripe
Not Active Keystone Strong T Bay Malabar Man
Not Active Kiwi Elit T Dark Bay Mack Lobell
Not Active Kiwi Seelster P Bay Falcon Seelster
Not Active Liams Irish Luck P Brown Camluck
Not Active Lithograph P Skewbald Rorschach
Not Active Mach Little P Bay Mach Three
Not Active Magical Mann P Piebald Silky Stallone
Not Active Maradona P Bay Teddy Butler
Not Active Meantime P Black Rajah Lobell
Not Active Milord Boko T Bay Joie De Vie
Not Active Music King P Dark Bay Abercrombie
Not Active Mustang Du Livaye T Bay Escartefigue
Not Active Mystic Pride T Dark Bay Mystic Park
Not Active Nat King Cole P Bay Cole Muffler
Not Active Nickys Shadow P Grey Nijinsky
Not Active Nimrod Six T Bay Mark Six
Not Active Novateur T Bay Quito De Talonay
Not Active Oaklands Wielka P Bay Creativity
Not Active Officer Broline T Bay Smokin Yankee
Not Active Painted Warrior P Skewbald Panda Man
Not Active Picassos Pride P Skewbald Lord Snowtime
Not Active Posh Paddy P Bay Timon Del Sol
Not Active Pouch T Bay Firm Tribute
Not Active Prestige Nora T Chestnut Diamond Way
Not Active Prince Kasra P Bay Young Commander
Not Active Radiant King P Brown No Nukes
Not Active Roddy Hanover P Bay Western Ideal
Not Active Roland Stone P Skewbald Rorschach
Not Active Sammys Boy P Grey Fforestinn Fortune
Not Active Saunders Flash P Bay Keystone Baron
Not Active Scotlands Supremo T Skewbald Rorschach
Not Active Silky Stallone P Brown No Nukes
Not Active Snow N Ice P Grey White Music King
Not Active Sona P Skewbald Whowho Gives A Toss
Not Active Southwest Art P Bay Artsplace
Not Active Status Hanover T Bay Super Bowl
Not Active Stud Muffin P Bay Matts Scooter
Not Active Sure Cam P Bay Cam Fella
Not Active Surfer Hanover P Bay No Nukes
Not Active True Grit II P Grey White Heat
Not Active Wassuup P Bay Todays Man
Not Active Wayne Nukston P Bay No Nukes
Not Active Wizz On Toby P Black Brown Taurus Hanover
Not Active Young Enorm T Bay Enorm
Retired Make A Deal P Brown No Nukes
Revoked Apaches Lad P Piebald Apache Commander
Revoked Armbro Operative P Bay Cam Fella
Revoked Bills Mate P Black Sable Matters
Revoked Comanche P Skewbald Rockafellow
Revoked Davey Forsa A P Bay Safely Kept
Revoked Safely Kept P Bay Jate Lobell
Revoked Village Jasper P Brown Jate Lobell
Revoked Whats Next P Bay Most Happy Fella
Contact Apache Commander T Piebald Apache Negra
Contact Billy Dan P Skewbald Hilltop Atilla
Contact Blue River Jesse P Skewbald Rorschach
Contact Kindly Bum P Bay Jennas Beach Boy
Contact Ousterley Surprise P Skewbald Rorschach
Contact Shadow Raider P Bay No Nukes
Contact Snowstorm P Skewbald Rorschach
Contact Table The Nukes P Bay No Nukes
Contact The Big Show P Skewbald Dream Work
Contact Young Commander P Grey Laag

** Stallion deceased but available by Frozen Semen