The Foaling Return
By the time you foal arrives you should have received your mating certificate and foaling return from the Stud or Stallion owner, within 28 days of birth tear off the Foaling Return. Please ensure you do receive the mating certificate as IT IS NEEDED to register your horse.

Complete the information about the foal on the foaling return and send it to STAGBI at the address shown on the reverse with the correct fee.

STAGBI will then send you a foal registration pack. This will contain an approved secure microchip, a DNA sample bag, an application, mark up and I.D. form and DNA forms.

Mark Up

A soon as the foal is well grown and being handled then you will need your vet to:

  • implant the microchip
  • complete the mark up
  • take a verified DNA sample seal it in the bag provided

The vet will need to sign and stamp both the sample/s and the forms he or she have completed.

Once this part has been completed by your vet you will need to fill in the remainder, selecting two names for approval. Ensure all boxes are filled in and signed by yourself or in the case of joint ownership all parties concerned

All forms and samples along with certificate of mating should then be placed in the address envelope and sent to STAGBI (We recommend recorded post to ensure that it can be tracked).

Registration Fees

Please see here for link to latest fees.

Please ensure your membership is current or enclose membership fee if due.

Broodmares with no registered DNA profile

Broodmares that do not have a DNA profile on record will need to have one created. There may be two reasons for this :

  • they have never had a DNA sample taken for breeding as broodmare
  • maiden mares having first foal

Where we know that a broodmare DNA sample is needed we will provide a DNA sample pack in the foal registration pack. If there is no broodmare sample pack and you think your broodmare may need one then contact administration to check.

The broodmare DNA profile will require your vet to I.D. and verify the mare to her passport and or microchip number, collect a DNA sample, complete the DNA form including signing and stamping all parts. We recommend this be done at the same time as the foal’s paperwork.

Please note: You must be a member of STAGBI to complete a registration