Stallion Owners

All stallions for stud MUST BE registered & certified for stud before their progeny can be registered as full Standardbred's. STAGBI will NOT considerer the retrospective registration & certification of horses as Stallions for Stud Duties, retrospective applications for mating certificates will only be issued to stallions approved for stud, mating certificates will be issued for such stallions for the season they are first registered, i.e. a horse approved for stud will be eligible to have mating certificates issued for the whole of the season it is first registered in.

Requirements to stand at stud and the registration of progeny as full Standardbreds

Any entire horse wishing to stand at stud publicly or privately must comply with the following:

  • Be registered as a full Standardbred with STAGBI
  • Be DNA parentally verified to his sire and dam having a DNA profile on record in order to verify any progeny
  • Have been examined by a vet who must confirm that the horse is fit and suitable for stud duties having identified the horse against his passport
  • reached it third year of age

Please see download page for link to relevant forms for registration.

Collection of semen for freezing or for transportation for use in A.I.

Stallions at Stud that are to have semen collected for the above will need to have full tests to comply with the regulations and recommendations laid down. Please click here for the regulations.

Annual Stallion Returns

STAGBI require that every stallion owner must complete an annual stallion return of mares mated. Such returns should be made at the end of the mating season each year, and in all cases before 31 Dec in the year of mating (late returns will incur extra fees).

Return forms are posted to all stallion owners who have made a return during the last two years in the spring of each year, extra copies of annual return may be requested or downloaded by clicking here if you have not received one or need more forms.

To complete the forms enter the stallion name and number along with the Stud name and address.

In the interests of accuracy please use block letters and write clearly, as this information will be entered on our database and used to print mating certificates.

This has a twofold purpose in that it protects the stud owner and confirms that the mare presented was verified from its passport and mated to the named stallion.

STAGBI will issue late or retrospective mating certificates however these will be charged at additional fees. If you require late returns please download the late return form.

STAGBI will print and post by first class mail, mating certificates to stallion owner, who will then forward the certificate and foaling return to the mare owner, this should only be done by the stud or stallion owner once all payments due for stud fees have been made.

STAGBI recommend that all broodmares should be scanned to confirm that they are in foal.

AI Returns

Stud and Stallion owners using A.I. need their vets or A.I. stations to complete the A.I. covering form for each mare and attach completed forms to annual stallion returns.

Please note: A certificate of mating only confirms that the mating took place and in no way gives any guarantee of a live foal.