Horse Transfer / Change of Ownership

Horses registered with STAGBI and holding a STAGBI/Old BHRC/IHRC Passport

The latest passports contain within the back wallet a certificate of ownership and transfer form.

The named owner who is the seller should sign to say he or she has sold the horse, the new owner should complete their full name and address clearly in block letters and sign the purchase section.

The bottom section of the form should be signed by both parties and retained by the seller as proof of sale.

The new owner/s should then send the completed transfer form to STAGBI along with the correct fee

The new ownership will then be recorded on our database and the information provided will be forwarded to DEFRA for their records

STAGBI will send by first class post a new certificate of ownership to the new recorded owner/s this should be placed in the wallet in the back of the passport, the new owner should also enter their name and address on the ownership page within the passport.

Horse missing the transfer form or old passport that may not contain one

The new owner should send the complete passport along with proof of purchase, and a covering letter stating that the wish to have the horse recorded in their ownership.

Please note: STAGBI will at times contact the recorded owner of horse/s to verify such transfers before preparing and returning any documentation.