The new STAGBI Database will allow members access to the most up to date information and details on the registrations of Standardbreds in UK.  The database will be updated and the end of each working day, allowing all new registrations or changes to animal status to be viewed as soon as possible.

Follow the link to access the Database, to log in you will require the following:

Member No is your STAGBI membership number and a PASSWORD should be requested from STAGBI. Click Forgot Password.  Please note this process is NOT automated. STAGBI  will reply to you by e-mail within normal office hours.

As an introduction to the new STAGBI On-line Database, for 2023 STAGBI will offer free access to all.

Member No:   GUEST                 PASSWORD: Welcome99

Before your start PLEASE read the notes below which may assist you with the new on line database

  • To search for any horse, click the search icon (top right of screen), click ANIMAL SEARCH, then type in horse’s name or part of the name in Search Box.  This will search all STAGBI Registered horses that are ALIVE. 
  • Inorder to search ALL horses (DEAD or ALIVE or OTHER*), please ensure you tick the ALL BOX under Animal Status on the left of the screen.    *OTHER will include non STAGBI registered horses that are included as part of a STAGBI registered horse’s pedigree
  • Once you found the horse, click on horse’s name and you can follow links to its pedigree (4 Generation) and list of offspring.
  • Any horses exported to IHRA (or any other country) will be recorded as such in the ID section.
  • Suspended horses will not feature on the On Line Database
  • Current STAGBI members, when using your personal log-on details (Membership number and password issued by STAGBI) you will be able to view all horses registered in your name.   Please take the opportunity to check that the list is correct.  You can update details regarding your own horses.  By using the menu bar (3 lines top right) you can select if the horse has been sold, castrated or died.   Please take some time to keep this information up to date.
  • Stallion Owners will also be able to apply for mating certificates via the on-line database.
  • For current members Please ensure that you do not share your Membership No or Password with others, as STAGBI will always assume that you have submitted or update the information.






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