If you are exporting a horse to another country you will need to apply for an Certificate BEFORE the horse leaves UK.  Please note this is different and independent to the HEALTH DOCUMENTS required by DEFRA.

Request application to Export form from STAGBI or download on line

Complete form and return to STAGBI with appropriate fees

STAGBI will issue an electronic Export Certificate to the IHRA, you will need to contact IHRA to complete the registration with IHRA

Please complete form and return to: 

STAGBI, Room 2, Creuddyn, Pontfaen Rd, Lampeter SA48 7BN
01570 429361 / 07581 438805


P1      All horses exported to Ireland or require transfer from STAGBI to IHRA database/Stud Book require an Export Certificate from STAGBI.

P2      Any person wishing to apply for Export Certificate for a horse must be in possession of the equine passport and a certificate of ownership, and that the person making the application is the registered owner.

P3      Owner is required to obtain an Application for Transfer/Export from STAGBI Stud Book into Irish Standardbred Stud Book/ database.

P4      STAGBI may request that the passport is submitted prior to Transfer/Export to Irish Standardbred Stud Book.

P5      Completed form should be submitted to STAGBI with the appropriate fee.

P6      STAGBI will issue Export Certificate directly the IHRA.


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