STAGBI British Championships Race Dates

    3yo Races 2024

Tir Prince 20th July
Amman Valley 8th September
Haugh Field 15th September


4yo Races 2024

Haugh Field 16th June
York  13th July
Amman Valley 8th September


  • Eligible horses to be sired by a STAGBI registered stallion standing in Great Britain at time of breeding.
  • For horses aged three and four years old, with colts & geldings and fillies divisions within each age group
  • Races to be run over 1 mile
  • Maximum of 10 entries per race. In the event of more than 10 entries, preference given to highest BHRC rated horses at time of entry
  • Minimum of 5 entries per race. In event of less than 5 entries in each (age) division, a combined race for colts, geldings and fillies will be run
  • Gate position to be determined by horse’s rating at time of entry (preferred draw)
  • Horses on the same rating will draw for position.
  • In event of a combined race (colts, geldings & fillies) gate position will be determined by BHRC rating (preferred draw)
  • Owner to be a STAGBI member
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