83Sept - Dec 2022Presidents Report 2022 (Sue Young); Import & Exporting Horses; York Sale Report; Not In Foal; Golden Girls Final; 2022 AwardsDownload
82May - Aug 2022STAGBI Mares Races 2022; British Championships;Download
81Jan - Apr 2022Presidents Report 2021 (John Towe); Exporting Horses; STAGBI Mares 2021; 2021 Awards; Download
80Jan - Apr 2021STAGBI British Championships; Choosing a Stallion; Stoneriggs JRDownload
79Sept - Dec 2020Presidents Report 2020 (John Towe); Standardbred Welfare; Brexit; York Sale Report; Weaning Foals; 2020 AwardsDownload
78May - Aug; Import of French Trotters; No more horse Sales - Brightwell Auctioners; Bold Eagle (FR) Reitres; Sebastian K (SWE); Standardbreds as Gaited Horses; World Photography Day; Where Are They Now - Colonel Mustard; Exported horses in America; Cams Card Shark; Download
77Jan - Apr 2020Microchips; Brexit; Notes for BreedersDownload
76Sept - Dec 2019Presidents Report 2019 (Sarah Thomas); Equine Flu Vaccine; Notes for Breeders; Flying the flag in North America; York & Brightwell Sales Report; 2019 Award WinnersDownload
75May - Aug 2019Welfare of Horses at Sales; World Trotting Conference Sweden 2019; Gin & Tonic Twin Foals; STAGBI Young Persons Award Brett Corbett; Robyn Camden (GB)Download
74Jan - Apr 2019Brexit; Movement of Horses; Changes to EU LawDownload
73Sept - Dec 2018Presidents Report 2018 (Sarah Thomas); Changes to Equine Regulation; Maureen Lloyd says farewell to STAGBI; Brightwell Sales Report; 2018 Award Winners.Download
72May - Aug 2018Compulsory Microchipping; Part Bred Registrations; GDPR & Privacy Policy; Download
71Jan - Apr 2018Standardbreds Out of Racing - Where Are They Now; Download
70Sept - Dec 2017Presidents Report 2017 (Ryan O Neil); 2017 Award Winners; STAGBI Mares Races Report 2017; York *& Brightwells Sales Report; Standardbreds Outside of Racing; Stallion Stats 2017Download
69May - Aug 2017Importing & Exporting to Ireland, World Trotting Conference Canada 2017Download
68Jan - Apr 2017Stallion at Stud 2017; Irish RegistrationsDownload
67Sept - Dec 2016President's Report 2016 (Ryan O Neil); Standarbreds in Ireland; Stallion Licensing & Grading 2017; 2016 Awards; York & Brightwells Sale Report 2016; Scottish Standardbred Showing Championship 2016Download
66May - Aug 2016Replacement MicrochipDownload
65Jan - Apr 2016Twin Pregnancy; STAGBI Awards 2015, New Passport Regulations 2016Download
64Sept - Dec 2015President's Report 2015 (Grethe Wright); New Passport Regulations; IHRA; Brightwells & York Sales Report; Standardbreds Outside o;f Racing - Ceiron Del; 2015 Awards; Download
63May - Aug 2015World Trotting Conference Sydney 2015; Pacing Greys; Stallion Licensing; Download
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