It is the Stallion Owner’s responsibility to apply for Mating Certificates. Mating Certificates should be applied for BEFORE 31st Dec in the year of covering.   UPDATE  Please read NEWS 27 Nov 2023

It is the Stallion Owner’s responsibility to apply for Mating Cerificates. Application forms available from STAGBI office or download below.

Mating certificates should be applied for BEFORE 31st December in the year of covering

Mating certificates applied for after year of covering may be considered but will incur late fees

Please complete form and return to: 

STAGBI, Room 2, Creuddyn, Pontfaen Rd, Lampeter SA48 7BN
01570 429361 / 07581 438805


L1      It is the Licenced Stallion’s owner’s responsibility to complete an annual Stallion Return in relation to mares bred.

L2      Stallion Return (Application for Mating Certificate) Forms are available via STAGBI office or downloaded from the STAGBI website.

L3      Stallion Returns must be completed and submitted to STAGBI at the end of the breeding season each year, and in all instances before 31 December in the year of mating.

L4      In accordance with World Trotting Association (2019) recommendations, there will be a limit /maximum number of mating certificates issued for each stallion per year.  This number shall be reviewed annually by the STAGBI Board of Directors.

For the 2023 season the maximum number of Mating certificates issued to any stallion shall be 50.

L5     Stallions returns received after 31 December in the year of mating, will be considered as retrospective and will incur retrospective fees.

L6      It is required that the name and registration of the mare is included on the stallion return, along with the name and address of the registered owner of the mare.

L7      Completed Stallion Returns should be returned to STAGBI, accompanied by relevant fee.  The Certificate(s) of Mating will be issued to the Stallion Owner.  It is the responsibility of the Stallion Owner to forward the Certificate of Mating to the mare owner.

L8      When a stallion is leased for the purpose of Stud Duties, the stallion owner and leasee should notify STAGBI.  See Section O STAGBI Rules & Regulations

L9      In the instance of Artificial Insemination (AI), Stallion Returns relating to those mares should be accompanied by Certification of AI, completed by Vet or AI Technician who performed the insemination.  See also SECTION K Rules & Regulations

L10    Retrospective mating certificates (i.e. mating certificates applied for after 31 December of the year of mating) will only be issued to stallions that were registered with STAGBI, held an existing Stallion Licence at the time of mating and subject to the approval of STAGBI.  .

L11    Where a Licenced Stallion owner or stud fails to meet their obligations to mare owners without sure reason, STAGBI will apply penalties and may suspend/revoke the Stallion’s Licence.  STAGBI may also consider issuing the Mating Certificate direct to mare owner.

L12    Duplicate Mating Certificates may be issued at the request or with the consent of a stallion owner.



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