If you are thinking about doing ET with your mare, then you need to be aware of the Rules and Regulations regarding ET in Standardbreds.  The use of ET is permitted in the breeding of Standardbreds within the Rules and Regulations specified by STAGBI and International agreed conditions.  Please read the following carefully as failure to adhere to the Regulations may result in the resulting foal NOT being eligible for registration.

Mares intended for ET must be notified to STAGBI PRIOR to the procedure. Contact STAGBI for Application for ET Form or download on line (ET FORM 1)

Once ET has been performed, Vet must complete Notification of Embryo Transfer (ET FORM 2) and returned to STAGBI within 28 days of the Embryo Transfer with appropriate fees

Owner is required to notifiy STAGBI within 28 days of a foal born as a result of ET

Please complete form and return to: 

STAGBI, Room 2, Creuddyn, Pontfaen Rd, Lampeter SA48 7BN
01570 429361 / 07581 438805


M1    Foals resulting from embryo transfer shall only be eligible for registration under the internationally agreed conditions.

M2    Any person wishing to nominate a named mare for Embryo Transfer must complete an Application of Embryo Transfer Form (LINK) and return to STAGBI prior to the procedure with relevant Fee (LINK current fees).  STAGBI will then issue a Certificate of Embryo Transfer to be completed by the Veterinarian /Reproductive Technician or ET Clinic.

M3    All mares nominated for Embryo Transfer must have a DNA profile on record and be parentally verified to sire and dam prior to undertaking the procedure.

M4    Subsequent to the transfer of an embryo, a Certificate of Embryo Transfer is completed by the attending veterinarian or technician and that the original be submitted to STAGBI and a copy to the owner and veterinarian or technician. The original is to be returned to STAGBI within twenty eight (28) days of the procedure with the relevant.

M5    STAGBI shall be notified within twenty eight (28) days of a foal born as a result of Embryo transfer.

M6    Only one foal resulting from a named donor mare, is eligible for registration in any given year.

M7    If more than one foal results from a mare in a given year, only one foal shall be registered.

M8    The donor mare is at least two (2) years of age or older at the time of embryo transfer.

M9       All registration applications MUST be applied for by the 31st of December of the year of birth.

M10     Late registrations of horses that are born as a result of Embryo Transfer will not be permitted.

M11  Any horse born as a result of embryo transfer shall be recorded as an “Embryo Transfer” in the registration records and passport.

M12  In the event that an owner/s, or any subsequent owner/s of a donor mare sells the donor mare while there is an embryo gestating, the seller must notify the purchaser, at time of sale, of said embryo having been harvested.

M13  The registration of a foal born as a result of the transfer of frozen embryo, frozen ovum, Ovum Pick Up (OPU), ICSI or sex sorting techniques will not be permitted.


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