In accordance with Equine Regulation if you are permanently importing a Standardbred horse or trotter from the EU you will need to register the horse with STAGBI within 30 days of import.

Request application to import form from STAGBI or download on line

Return completed form to STAGBI with Passport, health documents & fees within 30 days of import

Submit application for Export Certificate to Registration Organisation of the country of origin

Please complete form and return to: 

STAGBI, Room 2, Creuddyn, Pontfaen Rd, Lampeter SA48 7BN
01570 429361 / 07581 438805


F1      As an authorised and Approved Passport Issuing Organisation for Standardbreds in Great Britain and Ireland STAGBI will process the registration of a permanently imported horse in accordance to the regulations as specified in the Commission Regulation EC 2015/262 (the “2016 EU Regulation”); 2018 No 761 The Equine Identification (England) Regulations 2018; 2019 No 57 (W.20) The Equine Identification (Wales) Regulations 2019 and 2019 No 30 The Equine Animal (Identification) (Scotland) Regulations 2019.

The process involves the registration of the horse onto the STAGBI Database / Stud Book and the validation and over-stamping of the current EU compliant Equine passport.

The Regulations require that the existing identification document (passport) is registered with the appropriate registration body (STAGBI) within 30 days of the date of completion of the customs procedures and that ownership details are update within 30 days of a change of ownership.

F2      New owner should obtain an Application to Register EU Imported Horse Pack from STAGBI.  It is required that all parts of the application be completed in full.

i) Application for Registration and Over stamping of Passport. To be completed by owner.  Please note in the case of joint ownership, all persons must sign and all persons must be current members of STAGBI

ii) PART A: Requires conformation that the description (silhouette and text) recorded in the horse’s passport is a full and true description of the horse.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that this is done.  In the event of any discrepancy, PART B of this application should be completed by a Vet or STAGBI Authorised Person

It is the recommendation of STAGBI that the horse is scanned to ascertain that the microchip implanted in the horse matches the microchip (or transponder) number as recorded in the horse’s passport.

i) PART B: Equine Identification. Completion of Part B is ONLY required if any discrepancy has been noted whilst completing Part A i.e. that the description (silhouette and text) or microchip number recorded in the horse’s passport does not match the horse.

Silhouette and written description to be completed, signed and stamped by a Veterinary Surgeon or STAGBI Authorised Person (Using Wetherby’s Guidelines).  NB Where possible a minimum of 5 markings should be recorded and all white markings to be completed in red.

F3      Completed forms should be returned to STAGBI and must be accompanied by intra trade Health Certificate issued by country of origin; Existing Passport and appropriate fees (contact STAGBI or see website for current fees).  Hair Samples for DNA analysis also required if Part B has been completed.

F4      It is the recommendation of STAGBI that passports are posted by ‘Signed for Delivery’ or  ‘Guaranteed Delivery’.  STAGBI accepts no responsibility for passports that may be lost in the post.

F5      It is a requirement that either the seller, buyer or agent applies to the National Regulatory Body of the country of export for an Export Certificate.  The Export Certificate must be issued by the National Regulatory Body of the country of export and should be submitted directly to STAGBI from the country of export. For permanent imports, a Definitive Export is issued.  (A Temporary Export Certificated may be issued for visiting horses and is valid for 90 days only).  The export certificate must contain details of breeding, ownership, earnings, race-line summaries and DNA profile confirming parental verification.  The Export Certificate must be issued in the name of the owner.

F6      Once the registration is complete, the original Passport will be over-stamped by STAGBI and returned to the registered owner with a Certificate of Ownership by Royal Mail “Signed for Delivery” or “Guaranteed Delivery”  if requested (see additional fees. STAGBI accepts no responsibility for passports that may be lost in the post.

F7      In order to provide you with STAGBI services and comply with the law and regulations by which STAGBI is bound, we will need to collect some personal data in accordance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Regulation (DPA 2018).

As an Owner,  your name and address will be permanently recorded in the Statutory Section of the Equine Passport, STAGBI Database and forwarded to the UK Governments Central Equine Database as required by Regulation.  STAGBI may also be required to provide your personal information to comply with a specific request from Local Authorities, Police or Government. As an owner your details may also be shared with a racing organisation /other Standardbred Stud as requested.

If you do not provide the information it may delay or prevent us from meeting our obligations and may mean that unfortunately we will not be able to provide our services to you.  For further details please refer to STAGBI Privacy Policy.

F8      STAGBI will enter into the breeding book, animals of the same breed, line or cross that are eligible for entry under the Society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin.


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