If you are exporting a horse to another country you will need to apply for an Certificate BEFORE the horse leaves UK.  Please note this is different and independent to the HEALTH DOCUMENTS required by DEFRA.

Request application to Export Form from STAGBI or download on line BEFORE the horse leaves UK

Vet to complete identification of horse & obtain hair sample for DNA. Owner to complete form and return ALL parts to STAGBI with appropriate fees, BEFORE the horse leaves the country.

STAGBI will issue an electronic Export Certificate to the Governing Body of the country of destination.

Please complete form and return to: 

STAGBI, Room 2, Creuddyn, Pontfaen Rd, Lampeter SA48 7BN
01570 429361 / 07581 438805


Q1       All horses exported to another country require an Export Certificate from STAGBI

Q2     The owner of a horse intended for Export to another country should make an Application for an Export Certificate BEFORE the horse leaves the country.

Q3     Any person wishing to apply for Export Certificate for a horse must be in possession of a valid equine passport and a certificate of ownership, and that the person making the application is the registered owner.

Q4     If the horse has been or is being sold to a new owner in country of destination, then the transfer of ownership  must be completed before any application is made. 

Q5     The owner is required to specify if the Export Certificate applied for is Definitive (Permanent) or Temporary (valid for 6 months from day of export)

Q6     Owner is required to obtain an Application for Export Certificate Pack from STAGBI.  It is required that all parts of the application be completed in full.

PART A: Application to be completed by owner. Please note in the case of joint ownership, all persons must sign and all persons must be current members of STAGBI.

PART B: Microchip & DNA Declaration: To be completed, signed and stamped by Veterinary Surgeon or STAGBI Official

PART C: Equine Identification.  Silhouette and written description to be completed, signed and stamped by Veterinary Surgeon or STAGBI Official (Using Wetherby’s Guidelines).  NB Where possible a minimum of 5 markings should be recorded and all white markings to be completed in red.

Q7     Completed forms, accompanied by, Hair Samples for DNA analysis, Equine Passport & Certificate of Registered Ownership and appropriate fees (contact STAGBI or see website for current fees) should be returned to STAGBI for processing.

Q8     The horse must have a DNA profile on record and be parentally verified to sire and dam.

Q9     Horse must have a microchip insitu (and in some instances will need to be branded to meet the requirements of the destination country, please check with country of destination).

Q10   Any application for export certificate received by STAGBI retrospectively i.e. after the horse has been exported will be submitted to the STAGBI Board of Directors for consideration.  If the application for an export certificate is approved and issued, additional fees and costs will be applied.

Q11   STAGBI will issue Export Certificate directly to the respective regulatory body of the country of destination. This certificate will include the breeding details, registered ownership, earnings, race record and DNA identification and the respective markers. STAGBI will obtain race records from such governing bodies as is applicable to complete the above.

Q12   Please note it is the horse owner’s responsibility to ascertain the required quarantine procedure and health documentation of the country of destination.


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