In order to assist with the raising funds for the STAGBI British Championship Races, STAGBI has introduced a STAGBI British Championships Supporters Club. 

Each year STAGBI aim to sell a minimum of 100 tickets for the Supporters Club.

Tickets are sold for £100 each and you can buy as many tickets as you like.  The money raised will be divided (approx. 70/30) between added prize money for the races and a Supporters Club Draw.

The Supporters Club Draw will involve, 10 monthly draws with a monthly prize fund of £450 (£200/£100/£100/£50). 

In 2022, 140 tickets were sold and the Supporters Club raised £14,000 with £9,500 awarded as added prize money and £4,500 won by ticket holders.

 This is your opportunity to help and at the same time a chance for you to win some money.  Win! Win!

If you would like to buy a Supporters Club ticket then please contact Sue Young, Gwenan Thomas, Sarah Thomas or Contact the STAGBI Office

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