Equine Regulation require that a horse shall only have one passport.  If the passport is lost, the registered owner may apply for a Duplicate Passport. Please note it is an offence to sell a horse without a valid Passport .  It is also an offence to apply for a Duplicate Passport when the original  is in existence.

Should the original passport be found after a Duplicate Passport is issued, it should be returned to STAGBI immediately.

If the Passport is damaged rather than lost, please return Passport to STAGBI so that the passport may be re-issued.

NB: Following Brexit and the subsequent changes to Equine Passport Regulation, horses that have been imported to UK (and subsequently registered with STAGBI) and hold a Passport issued by an organisation in the EU, should now apply to STAGBI if a Duplicate Passport is required.

lFor a Lost Passport, contact STAGBI for an Application for Duplicate Passport.  

Once you have received the Pack, you should arrange for a vet to complete ID Mark Up, check Microchip and obtain DNA Sample

Return completed application form to STAGBI with DNA Sample and Appropriate Fees 

Request an Application Pack for a Duplicate Passport

For multiple applications, please add each one separately to your basket.
Please ensure that you enter either the horse’s name or the microchip number.


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R1     As an authorised and approved Passport Issuing Organisation for Standardbreds in Great Britain and Ireland STAGBI will issue passports in accordance to the regulations as specified in the Commission Regulation EC 2015/262 (the “2016 EU Regulation”); 2018 No 761 The Equine Identification (England) Regulations 2018; 2019 No 57 (W.20) The Equine Identification (Wales) Regulations 2019 and 2019 No 30 The Equine Animal (Identification) (Scotland) Regulations 2019.

R2     The above Regulations require that a horse shall only have one passport but if a passport is lost or damaged, the registered owner should obtain an Application for Duplicate or Replacement Passport form from STAGBI.

R3      Please note a Duplicate passport may only be issued to the registered owner.

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